National College Of Arts - Lahore

National College of Arts, commonly referred to as NCA, is one of the oldest institutes for Arts and Design related studies in Pakistan. NCA offers education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, along with short term diploma courses and certificates.

Courses available at the undergraduate level after completion of A Levels  



Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Communication Design

Bachelor of Design

Communication and cultural studies

Bachelor of Design

Ceramic Design

Bachelor of Design

Product Design

Bachelor of Design

Textile Design

Bachelor of Design

Architecture (5 year Programme)

Bachelor of Architecture


Bachelor of Musicology

Film  & Television

Bachelor of Film & Television

Admission Criteria for ‘A’ Level students:  

Candidates with a minimum 45% of  marks after IBCC equivalence for O Level (8 subjects) and A Level  (minimum 3 subjects) are eligible for the admission at NCA, provided they clear the pre-requisite entrance exams for each department.

Entrance Exam:  

Fine Art and Faculty of Design:


    • Drawing and Aptitude test.

Department of Architecture:

    • Drawing, Aptitude and Mathematics test.

Departments of Musicology, Film and Television:  

    • Aptitude test.

Note: Sample papers are available online for the preparation of aptitude and Mathematics test.


Subject choices in O and A Level:  

There is no particularprerequisite subject combination required for admission in NCA.  Students from any field can take the entrance exams for a particular department.


Application timeline:  

NCA admission dates are advertised shortly after the FSc results are announced (usually late August), following which prospective students are required to submit their applications within a period of 2 weeks. Entrance exams are held soon after and based on the result, an interview list is announced.

Final acceptance list is announced shortly after the conclusion of the interviews.

During the 2012-2013 admission cycle, following dates were followed:

Entrance Exams: Held between 27th to 29th September, 2012



    • Open merit Interview list: 11th October, 2012
    • Self-Finance Interview list: 2nd November,2012


Final Acceptances: Late October through November, 2012

(Please check website for the 2013 dates and costs)


Cost of the programme:  

Fees announced for the 2012/2013 admissions were:

Regular Admission:


Annual fee: Rs64, 500/-

Admission fee and miscellaneous charges: Rs12, 300/-

Foreign students:

Annual fee: Rs531, 050/-

Admission fee and miscellaneous charges: Rs98, 770 /-

Self –Finance Admission:

Rs325, 000 for 4 Year programmes

Rs499, 000 for 5 Year programme (Architecture) 

Note: after paying the onetime fee mentioned above, students under the self-finance admission pay a reduced annual fee. (Exact amount can be verified with the Registrar’s office)


Scholarships Structure:

Merit-based scholarship:

Every year NCA is given a specific budget from the government for scholarships covering all departments

Need-based scholarship:

44 need-based scholarships are given covering all departments.

Asim Butt scholarship:

The scholarship is awarded to the students of Fine Art Department on merit or need basis.


Hostel and residence facility:

NCA can currently accommodate 120 male and 90 female students. Capacity is expected to increase by the end of this year. The first year students get a dormitory, with 8-9 students sharing one dorm room. 2nd year students are allocated two person suites and in the final year, students get a single room.

Diplomas Courses:

The following One year diplomas are available for applicants with minimum 45% marks in their intermediate education (FA/FSc or equivalent qualification).

Professional diploma in Calligraphy
Professional diploma in Fresco Painting

Professional diploma in Interior Design: Applicants must present a design portfolio for admission in this course.

Professional Certificate:

A six months professional certificate is offered in Media Production. Applicants are required to have cleared their intermediate studies and also demonstrate an aptitude in video production or animation.